A Journey of Miracles-My Grandson’s Story

I had arrived from Kenya on July 22, 2011 to be with our daughter and her family as they waited for the birth of their second son. We had spent a few months wondering if there really was a need for me to make the long trip. After all, our regular furlough time was schedule for later in the year and Stephanie was progressing well with this pregnancy, and there had been no complications with their first baby either.

We all knew that being a foreign missionary sometimes meant missing important family events and the cost for such short international trips was very expensive. In addition to the cost, there was also our own work schedule on the mission field that would be affected. I was in the middle of our school year with teaching the women’s classes in our Bible institute and leaving before the year ended meant doubling our work load to finish the course.

But still, with knowing all of this, the Lord was strongly impressing upon my heart the need for me to be with my daughter and her family for the birth of our second grandson. Whatever reasons we found for me to not make the trip were overshadowed by the Lord’s clear leading and by June my husband had booked my flights and made his decision to join me five months later for our regular furlough time.

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