Understanding Grief

Grief is a merciless adversary
There is a famous quote that goes something like this, “Know your adversary!”  That principle can be echoed, in various forms, by many successful coaches, business owners and military leaders.  The basic premise is that in order to win in whatever endeavor you are engaged in you must know and understand your opponent, your adversary or your enemy.  Conquering grief is no different.  If we are to overcome the devastating effects of a traumatic loss in our lives we must know and understand our main adversary … grief.  Please carefully read through the following truths about grief and how it effects our lives. Read More

Principles of Grief Victory

Listed below are 10 principles that have helped me greatly in coping with the loss of my son David and grandson Ethan. It was almost 8 years after their death that I began to put these principles down on paper. Anytime I find myself having a hard time, questioning God or feeling like I just want to crawl in a hole and never come out I go back and read over these principles. Sometimes I don’t have to start at the beginning but rather at some point in the middle. It is impossible to remain at number 10 all of the time.  At least it is for me.  We are all human and as such we must deal with thoughts, feelings and emotions that are imperfect. Read More

Grief is a Merciless Adversary

Grief has no feelings but pain.  It shows no emotion but heartache.  It attacks the old, the young, the weak and the strong.  It descends upon the rich, the poor, the good and the bad.  It shows no favoritism.  It gives no warning.  Grief arrives in many forms.  It may be the death of a loved one, the betrayal of a trust, the destruction of a relationship or the loss of a lifestyle.  Read More

The Case for a Grief Ministry

One of the benefits of living in the time period that we do is the opportunity to spread the gospel through numerous avenues of ministry.  Obviously nothing replaces old fashioned preaching and one-to-one sharing of the story of Christ. However, it’s the many “ministry arms” of the local church that have multiplied those opportunities.  In addition, because of our advanced, modern society our churches are able to offer an unlimited number of ministries to our own members.  We’ve established elementary and secondary schools, colleges, camps, bus ministries, kids clubs, senior’s ministries, special needs ministries, nursing home ministries, boy’s and girl’s homes, men and women’s recovery ministries, food pantries, radio/TV ministries … the list is endless.  All it takes is a calling from God, a willing servant and a local church.  Read More

Philosophy of Grief Recovery

This may be one of the most vital sections of our ministry. The statements and philosophies that are listed below are based upon what we have experienced personally and what we have observed in dealing with others that have traveled this same grief journey. Please remember that we are not experts and we are not licensed professionals. We are just people that have had to endure the deep pains and lasting effects that grief inflicts upon a person’s life. Read More