It is our sincere belief that many people that embark on a journey through grief need someone to walk with them.  This is the whole purpose of Grief Fellowship Ministries.  A Grief Partner is someone who has been a little farther down the road and knows what lies ahead.  They served much in the same way as a nurse.  Here are some aspects of the Grief Partner Program.

  • Contact the grieving on a regular basis to check on their condition
  • Make sure that they are progressing and not losing ground in their journey
  • Be available when the grieving wants to talk
  • Contact them on special days such as holidays, birthdays and the anniversary of their loved one’s death
  • Be their friend…A friend that understands and accepts rather than criticizing
  • Determine if the grieving are progressing, if they need re-direction

Grief Partners are special people.  They are people that have been and still are traveling through the journey of grief.  They are volunteers who have a heart and a desire to give of their time and effort in order to help others.  Each Grief Partner is matched up with those that have similar stories…mothers guiding mothers, men guiding men, teenagers guiding teenagers.  They are people that have been properly instructed and that are ready…and willing…to become a Grief Partner.  If you would be interested just contact us.  We would love to talk with you about this great opportunity for ministering to others.

Grief Partner Program

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